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How to Prepare for Reading Comprehension Section for CLAT?

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With CLAT 2022 just a month away, it is time to start the final phase of your preparation- Revision. Reading Comprehension is one of the sections which is reading-intensive, and thus, requires that you prepare accordingly.

How to prepare for reading comprehension?

  1. Practice speed-reading:

You will have a significant number of questions but a limited amount of time. Practice how to speed-read. Improve on it. Consult this article to learn about the different techniques of speed-reading. Choose one or a combination that suits you. 

2. Catch up on vocabulary:

To read and comprehend the passages of CLAT, it is essential that you have a strong vocabulary. You should not get caught up in difficult words, this will only slow you down, and will lead to a decrease in understanding.

Try to read the different word lists available online. They should give you a fairly comprehensive repertoire of difficult words. Not only will this help in reading and understanding quickly, but direct questions can also be asked from them. 

3. Read more:

In the last weeks of your preparation, read as much as you can, and read as many varied topics as you can. This will help you with the more difficult passages that can be asked, and will prepare you for reading for a whole two hours. 

4. Practice in a timed manner:

Now that you know how to attempt questions in mocks, do it in a timed manner. Have a fixed time for every passage, and for the entire section. Ensure that the probability of correct answers doesn’t decrease with you reading faster, or decreasing your time.  

Keep these tips in mind when you start revising. Try to cover any short-comings or lacunae in your preparation through this revision phase. Don’t forget to solve mocks on an alternate day basis now, and revise it too. Analyse the mocks properly, and check where you lost marks. If you see a pattern, concentrate more on those areas. 

All the best!

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