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How to Prepare for CLAT Quantitative Techniques?

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With CLAT 2022 less than a month away, it is now time to start the final phase of the preparation: Revision. Quantitative Techniques is one section that many aspirants ignore, mainly because of the relatively less number of marks it constitutes. But, it is important to remember that this section is very scoring, and can help you improve your rank significantly. In this article we discuss how to prepare for CLAT quantitative techniques.

How to Prepare for CLAT Quantitative Techniques?

  1. Focus on concepts:

Practise questions from topics like Ratio and Proportion, Percentage, Fractions, Time, Distance and Work, etc. As you must have already solved such questions in the past, revise. Check and see if you are confidently able to solve such topics, and whether you are still unclear about any concepts. 

2. Learn shortcuts and tricks:

Remember that time is limited, and you have many other sections as well. Learn shortcuts and tricks to solve faster. You will also have a limited amount of space on the question paper to write down and solve questions on paper. Practise solving and calculating either in your mind, or do it neatly in small letters on the paper, so that it is legible. 

3. Practice in a timed setting:

Be strict with yourself, and practice in a timed setting. Set limits for yourself, and try to complete within them. Do both, sectional tests and mocks, and fix a hard upper time limit for yourself. Stick to it, and follow it even in your actual exam. 

Keep all these tips in mind when you next sit down to study. Practise more and more, and try to solve a variety of questions. Control and try to decrease the silly mistakes you make, and read and understand the questions properly. Take your time, read twice or thrice if you find yourself confused. 

All the best!

For practice exercises on the CLAT Quantitative Techniques section, click here. 


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