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How to Manage Boards and Competitive Exams Like CLAT?

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The biggest question most students appearing for entrance exams CLAT ask is how to manage Boards and competitive exams like CLAT?

We often take upon ourselves the pressure of wanting to succeed and excelling at everything we step our feet into (which is certainly not a bad quality). However, in the process, one ends up getting burnt out and exhausted.

This process becomes especially true for most CLAT aspirants post the months of December- January, when pre-boards and Boards are right around the corner and you have just started taking mocks.

So here are some tips that we hope help you manage Boards and competitive exams:

1. Consistency is Key:

The best part about the preparation process through school and CLAT is the fact that consistent studies simplify the whole process. Instead of last minute cramming, make a time table.

Small steps like paying attention to your lectures, practicing “active learning” and incorporating topics you’ve been taught that day into your study routine goes a long way in helping you in the immediate months preceding the exam.

2. It is everywhere, but Past Years’ Question papers:

The entire internet chants this like a mantra, but it couldn’t be more true. Unlike CLAT which is quite (in)famous for its unpredictability, past years’ question papers go a long way in getting you that 90%.

Don’t just read the paper, instead solve it, discuss it with friends and ask your teacher if she would be willing to grade it for you. Doing this, while also simultaneously picking up a sectional test, or revising a set of GK topics is an effective technique to acing both CLAT and your boards.

3. Not just a Time-Table, an Effective Time Table:

I truly believe that more than making a time table, it’s important to make an ‘effective’ time table. Often, after watching a bunch of influencer videos on the ‘perfect’ timetable, we overcommit.

We are pressured into following a schedule, doing 2 mocks a week or revising a set group of topics. It’s important to understand that we all have our own process and pace. Be true to yourself, YOUR strengths and weaknesses. Make sure that you design a timetable that fits into your schedule, extracurriculars and is unique to your immediate context.

4. Chalk out a Plan:

From the first day of your academic year. Draw a table which includes your expected dates for both exams, how many mocks you intend to do, what topics require time, group your favourite school subjects with your least favourite CLAT subjects, or vice versa.

This timeline will change as you keep studying and solving more mocks, that’s okay!

Take breaks, go out with your friends, go out for a walk, watch a movie and do other things that give you joy. It is a stressful year and there must certainly be a lot on your plate, but it is important to allow yourself to rejuvenate. A steady pace keeps you from being burnt out, sleepless and defeated towards the end of your preparation.

We’re sure you’ll do great, keep at it!

P.S. For more advice on how to manage Boards and competitive exams, click here. 


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