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How to Crack CLAT: Five Easy Steps

How to Crack CLAT: Five Easy Steps

It’s March already!

The biggest question (apart from the Corona Pandemic: Please stay safe and practice social isolation), is, How to crack CLAT?

Let me start by telling you, while CLAT is a national test not to be taken lightly, it is possible to crack this exam in less than 3 months preparation.

This is not a blatant declaration without any backing, there are many NLU students and Alumni who have done this in the past (I personally know a few).

It does not mean that those who have prepared for longer durations wasted their time, they just solidified their claim on a higher-ranked law school. While it’s easier that way, it is possible to crack CLAT in less than three months.

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Important Points

  • The number of questions has been reduced from 200 to 120-150.
  • All questions will be comprehension based.
  • Questions from Quantitative Techniques, English, Current Affairs, Legal Reasoning and Logical Reasoning will be asked.
  • The paper will test the aptitude of the candidate and not the memory.
  • Maths is now Quantitative Techniques, the students can expect questions based on graphs, pie charts and tables.
  • Logical Reasoning has not been changed and it is still the same logical reasoning.
  • Legal Aptitude used to have a legal principle and problem, it has now become Legal reasoning. The students will not be asked maxims or case laws.
  • English has not gone many changes but all the questions will be based on comprehensions.

Here is an interview of CLAT Rank 1 Saumya Singh from the youtube channel of Study IQ Education. 

1. CLAT 2020 Syllabus

What remains unchanged?

  • Logical Reasoning: There is no news whatsoever about any change in the logical reasoning section per se. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the old syllabus for this section is intact.
  • Current Affairs: It has already been declared that Static G.K will not be asked, however, there were questions from current affairs in the past. Current affairs have turned into a full section.
  • English: The section has slightly been altered, the rest remains the same. All questions will be comprehension based. So they can still ask you the meaning of a certain word as long as they mention it in a passage above the question.

What has changed?

  • Legal Aptitude: The nomenclature of this section has changed to Legal Reasoning. It has also been revealed that there will be no requirement of legal knowledge to attempt the questions in this section. This section will also have passages, related to legal issues.
  • Maths: The smallest section of the exam has now become Quantitative Techniques. It is still unclear what the pattern of questions will be in this section. If we go with the pattern of other entrances that have Quantitative Aptitude, the syllabus might be similar to that of Maths but the type of questions will be completely different.

2. CLAT 2020 Sample Paper

Analyze the CLAT Sample paper here.

3. CLAT Pass Percentage

While there is no pass or fail in the exam, a rank within 3000 will land you in a national law school. If you wish to enter one of the premier law schools, a rank within 600 is suggested to aim for.

At any rate, with roughly 60000 people appearing for CLAT, 5% people make it to National Law Schools.

4. CLAT Preparation

Cannot stress enough that even will all the analysis of the sample paper, research on cutoffs, if you don’t prepare well, you WILL NOT get into a law school. This cannot be news to you.

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5. CLAT Coaching

While there is no absolute need to join coaching to crack CLAT, it helps to seek professional help. We made a list of the best coaching institutes in India for CLAT to help you with your choice. (We suggest you visit the ones you choose and make an informed decision)

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Visit the official CLAT website for updates.


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