CLAT paper consists of 200 marks, out of which 40 marks belong to English. This section is feared by most aspirants since they get intimidated by the complexity. In reality, it is one of the easiest to score if the preparation is done systematically. There is a need to analyse this section before starting preparation to see what type of questions are asked.

This post aims to analyse the pattern of English section so as to give insight on how to prepare.

Most common types of questions asked in CLAT English paper.

  1. Choosing the correct option and filling the blanks.
  2. Complete the sentences [generally prepositions].
  3. Choose the correct spelling.
  4. Meaning of idioms.
  5. Choosing correct sentences.
  6. Complete Proverbs.
  7. Comprehension

Although there is no certainty that there won’t be an eighth category in CLAT, these seven have been the most common and are most likely to be a part of the CLAT paper.

Sample questions

  1.  I like reading journals _______ novels.
    (a) The best (b) More than
    (c) Most than (d) The less thanAnswer: B
  2. Her parents have arrived _____ the airport.
    (a) To (b) At
    (c) On (d) InAnswer: B
  3. Choose the correct spellings
    (a) Sacribegous (b) Saereligious
    (c) Sacrilegious (d) SacrilegiuosAnswer: C
  4. “Faux pas” means:
    (a) Expected to happening (b) False
    (c) Social blunder (d) Fake identityAnswer: C
  5. Choose the correct option.
    (a) Please stop interfering into my romantic life.
    (b) Please stop interfering in my romantic life.
    (c) Please stop interfering with my romantic life.
    (d) Please stop interfering for my romantic life.Answer: B
  6. When _____ is bliss, it is _____ to be wise.
    (a) Romance, boring (b) Ignorance, folly
    (c) Knowledge, better (d) Bachelorhood, singleAnswer: B
  7. Another example that comes to one’s mind is that of Albert Einstein. In 1939, fearing that the
    Nazis would win the race to build the world’s first atomic bomb, Einstein urged President Franklin D
    Roosevelt to launch an American programme on nuclear research. The matter was considered and a
    project called the Manhattan Project was initiated. The project involved intense nuclear research the
    construction of the world’s first atomic bomb. All this while, Einstein had the impression that the
    bomb would be used to protect the world from the Nazis. But in 1945, when Hiroshima was bombed
    to end World War II, Einstein was deeply grieved and he regretted his endorsement of the need for
    nuclear research.The Manhattan Project was initiated ______.
    (a) In honour of Einstein.
    (b) To protect the Nazis.
    (c) To bomb Hiroshima.
    (d) To carry out nuclear researchAnswer: D

The above are questions from CLAT 2016.  With a glance at the paper and these questions, it can be assumed that it is not difficult to score well in this section.

Aspirants need to keep in mind the following points.

  • The paper primarily tests your grammar so devote time on practising grammar questions from Wren and Martin as well as from model/practice/sample papers.
  • The chapter prepositions alone accounts for atleast 5 marks so this chapter should be a priority.
  • A reading of proverbs and idioms is necessary since it also occupies 3-7 marks in the paper. Reading and using them in daily conversations will help you retain their meaning.
  • Good command over vocabulary, especially confusing/complex words is required. Study from a good vocab book and use them in your daily conversations and writeups (FB or Insta too).
  • There is a need to develop fast reading since it will not only help you with the comprehension but also with legal aptitude paper. Mastering Evelyn Woods technique is recommended.

Keep in mind these points while preparing but do not limit yourself to these. English is a scoring subject and if you have any doubts or questions, leave a comment.

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