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CLAT Townhall: Specific Tips on GK Preparation for CLAT by Akshay Luhadia of NUJS

General Knowledge is a vast ocean and Current Affairs is no less than a very long river.

Both of which are tough to cover in a limited time.

Especially CLAT aspirants who sometimes get asked more legal questions and sometimes from a certain month of the year.

Most students are confused about GK preparation for CLAT.

To help you get past this confusion, we have Akshay Luhadia with us on the latest edition of CLAT Townhall presented by CLATalogue and CLATapult.

Akshay is a student at NUJS Kolkata and teaches General Knowledge at CLATapult.

In this video, he outlines specific tips and tricks on Gk preparation for CLAT.


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CLATalogue and CLATapult present CLAT Townhall with NUJS student and CLATapult Faculty Akshay Luhadia.

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