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Practice Paper on Tenses for CLAT

Attempt the given questions in this practice paper on tenses for CLAT and match with the given answers to know your preparation.

Read the following sentences and find whether there is any error in any part:

  1. I have come to  know that  his father has died  three days ago.

A                          B              C                            D

  1. The victim tried to tell us  what has happened   but his words  were not audible.

A                                  B                           C                     D

  1. Four and four  always made eight   cannot   be questioned by anyone.

A                        B                      C                    D

  1. He was with me   till now,   so don’t   punish him for delay.

A                     B              C                     D

  1. When I will   cross fifty, my   wife will cross   forty five.

A                  B                       C                   D

Answers: 1 (C) , 2 (B) , 3 (B) , 4 (A) , 5 (A)

Choose the correct option:

A. How many pegs of wine _____ yesterday?

  1. You have drank
  2. Were you drinking
  3. Did you drink
  4. Do you drink

B. She cut her finger while she _____ vegetables.

  1. Cutting
  2. Was cutting
  3. Cut
  4. Had cut

C. Someone _____ away my bike within an hour.

  1. Takes
  2. Took
  3. Has taken
  4. Had taken

D. She has been suffering from malaria since she _____ her job.

  1. Leaves
  2. Had left
  3. Left
  4. Has been leaving

E. The train _____ before we reach the station.

  1. Will have departed
  2. Has departed
  3. Is departing
  4. Was departing

Answers- A(3) , B(1), C(3), D(3), E(1)

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb :

  1. They ____ (play) the second match in the morning,
  2. Swami ____ (ring) the bell at 4 P.M. daily.
  3. I _____ (live) here for twenty years by November 2003.
  4. When Seema arrived, they _____ (take) them lunch.
  5. The students _____ (work) on their project next year.

Answers –  1. Have played  2. rings  3. shall have been living 4. Had been taking   5. Will be working

Did you do well? No?

Read our article on tenses for CLAT and solve this practice paper again.

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