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Discrepancies in CLAT UG 2021 Exam & Answer Key? An Analysis

Since last night, social media has been abuzz with certain discrepancies in CLAT UG Exam in the Quantitative Aptitude section. It has been pointed out that there are 11 answers which are wrong in this section.

CLATapult’s faculty breaks down these claims:

In question 139, the correct option should be None of the above instead of option B (26-35), as the question is which section has most population and that should be 0-15 with 30 percent. Since that is not one of the options, the correct answer is D, none of the above.

For the question set 141 to 145, the percentages don’t add up, as discussed in our analysis, but students are usually advised to answer those questions.

discrepancies in clat ug
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In question 147, it is correct that the option according to the question should be 88. But the question may have been badly framed and that would give a correct answer according to the answer key.

As as far question 148 is concerned, it is giving the increase in percentages, so the answer is plausibly 20 percent. It is extremely difficult that an objection against this question in CLAT 2021 will succeed.

Question 149 is correct.

In case you have any queries or believe there are some other discrepancies in CLAT UG or PG Exams, please feel free to email us on mrinaal.datt@lawctopus.com


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