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DI Based Quantitative Technique Questions for CLAT

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Passage 1

The bar graph given below shows the revenue earned and the expenditure of a CLAT coaching institute by the name of​​ Sulabh​​ Coaching over the years. With the help of information given below, answer the questions that follow.


  • In which year was the growth in expense as compared to the previous years was the highest?

  • 2016

  • 2013

  • 2015

  • 2014

  • What is the average annual increase for the expenditure done from 2013 to 2017?

  • 15

  • 16.5

  • 13.2

  • 14.5

  • In how many years did the revenue was more than 10% as compared to the expense?

  • 1

  • 2

  • 4

  • 3



Passage 2

Ankit​​ Event​​ Management Company​​ took a contract to organise the marriage of Ms.​​ Ranjan​​ Jha in the month of February 2020. The event was to take place over a period of 5 days and various functions were scheduled on different days.​​ The ratio in which the money was paid to​​ Ankit​​ for various functions i.e. Mehendi: Sangeet:​​ Bachelorette: wedding: Reception was​​ 2: 3: 5:9: 7. Also, not all guests were invited to all the functions.

  • If total money paid to​​ Ankit​​ Event​​ Management Company was​​ Rs.​​ 78 Lakhs, find the amount of money spent on Bachelorette?

  • 7 lakh

  • 17 lakh

  • 15 lakh

  • 11 lakh

  • All the guests were invited to the wedding but​​ those who were invited to the one function other than the wedding were not invited to any other functions than wedding. If 40 percent of the people went to Reception and off the remaining the people who went to​​ Mehendi:​​ Sangeet: Bachelorette are in the ratio 3:4:1. Find the no. of guests in the Mehendi Function if total number of​​ guests are 800.

  • 180

  • 120

  • 150

  • 110

  • On the last moment, the beautician who was supposed to be there for the wedding day makeup cancelled. Therefore,​​ Ankit​​ was asked to arrange for a beautician for the makeup of bride and her friends and her family. If the cost for makeup for bride’s friends was​​ 3500​​ more than twice the​​ cost for each family member and the cost for each family member was 2000 less than one fifth for cost of bride’s makeup. Calculate the total money paid for makeup of five closest friends. The money paid for bride’s makeup is 1 lakh.​​ 

  • 39500

  • 197500

  • 98000

  • 161000

  • If​​ Ankit​​ made a profit of 37%, calculate actual cost involved in organizing?

  • Rs. 5693430

  • Rs. 4578954

  • Rs. 6678453

  • Rs. 7489765

  • The money paid to​​ Ankit​​ i.e. 78 lakh was paid through different means to avoid tax on it as some of the portion was black money. If one third of the total money was paid in cash, 10 lakh worth car was given and of the remaining 25% money was paid as​​ jewellery​​ and remaining through net banking. Calculate the money paid through net banking.

  • Rs. 3465000

  • Rs 2278000

  • Rs 4578000

  • Rs.3150000



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