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Comprehension Based Questions on Data Interpretation for CLAT

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Comprehension Based Questions on Data Interpretation for CLAT

Passage 1

In the Pandey family, are 6 heterosexual couples (husband and wife) and other family members are single. The male single family members are 8 more than twice the no. of female single family members. ​​ Out of these female single family members, 3 are widowed/ divorced. Out of these 6 couples, one couple is childless. The no. of male single family members are 40% of the total family members.

  • If the age of the father is four more seven times the age of the son and the sum of their ages is five less than fifty-seven, the father’s age is

  • 42

  • 51

  • 46

  • 49

  • The property is to be shared equally by all the family members except the daughter in law/ wives, if the property’s worth in 250 crores, the share for each person is

  • 3.37 Crore

  • 4.56 Crore

  • 1.99 Crore

  • 2.56 Crore

  • If the total no. of family members is 80, what is the ratio of female family members to male family members?

  • 2:3

  • 3:2

  • 4:3

  • 3:4

  • What percentage of total family is widowed/ divorced?

  • 5.6%

  • 3.7%

  • 2.9%

  • 4.3%

  • If each couple contributes for the household expenditure but the childless couple contributes 35% less than everyone else and total money contributed is 339000 , ​​ the childless couple contributes

  • 41000

  • 67000

  • 73000

  • 39000





Passage​​ 2

The following bar graph shows the​​ budget involved for different departments​​ for two biggest companies in the world i.e. Aaira Pvt Ltd. and Cheeeku Pvt​​ Ltd, Analyse the information given below and answer the question that follows.

  • If the total​​ budget​​ is​​ the same for both the companies, then what percentage is​​ Cheeku's​​ budget for Raw Material​​ over​​ Aaira’s budget for labour?

  • 100%

  • 200%

  • 133.33 %

  • None of these

  • If the total​​ budget of Cheeku​​ is Rs. 10,000 crore, then​​ budget for transport​​ is?

  • Rs. 200 Crore

  • Rs. 600 crore

  • Rs. 2000 Crore

  • Rs. 6000 Crore

  • What fraction of​​ Aaira’s budget is accounted for Labour?

  • (6/33)th

  • (1/5)th

  • (2/3)rd

  • None of these

  • Which​​ company​​ accounts for higher​​ allocation of budget to Labour and Misc. together?

  • Aaira

  • Cheeku

  • Equal

  • Cannot be determined




  • If the total​​ budget of Aaira​​ is Rs.30,000 crores, then the budget​​ accounted for​​ Raw material, labour​​ and Miscellaneous is?

  • 18500 Crore

  • 18000 Crore

  • 21000 crore

  • 15000 crore




First published on February 11, 2021. 


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