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The CLATalogue GK series: Your Guide to Acing CLAT GK Questions

Hello! As a CLAT aspirant, I detested the General knowledge section. Missing one day of reading the newspaper meant catching up on four new topics the next day. Also, can we talk about reading the newspaper in the first place? The drawn out one-and-a-half hour process of filtering through Bollywood news and irrelevant information about how the drains in your city are clogged because of the rain, before you landed on two topics that are actually relevant to the paper is a gruelling process. Particularly when there is a gnawing sound at the back of the head telling you to spend your time taking a math test or going through a mock. (BTW, here is a quick cheat sheet to reading the newspaper for CLAT GK Questions & preparation.)

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a shortcut. It is certainly true that certain websites and numerous YouTube channels have content explaining topics of relevance in detail (perhaps too many details). It is for this reason that we at CLATalogue have strived to provide you with a condensed, comprehensive and efficient system to tackle the General Knowledge and Current Affairs section. In this new series, our team will deliver to you the only GK content you will need- free of cost! We will be taking you through topics from the dates succeeding CLAT 2021, all the way till your exam in 2022. We thus present to you: The CLATalogue GK series.

In order to score a perfect score in this section, apart from studying the material you must also:

1. Stay consistent with your preparation.
There is no ‘ultimate shortcut’ to acing the GK section. Studying for CLAT GK questions demands time. Skim through the newspaper, regularly revise your notes, take part in quizzes and create a study group of motivated individuals to keep you on track. (You can join our Whatsapp & Telegram groups for the same)

2. Make GK your best friend.
Simply preparing for the GK section proves to be incredibly advantageous to you. It exposes you to a treasure chest of vocabulary and keeps you abreast with things happening across the world. Also, it exposes you to plenty of reading which gives a significant boost to your comprehension intensive sections.

CLAT GK Questions
3. Make notes of important topics.
One of the peculiarities of the mind (unless you have some sort of brilliance) is the fact that the mind will not retain all information for months together. From the fiscal budget to the date when the UNESCO was established to sections of the IPC dealing with theft and more. You can’t remember it all. Further, towards the last few days you will not have the liberty of going through hours of content. So during your preparation, work on short notes that you can revise a week before your exam.

4. Be true to yourself.
It’s okay to not score well in your mocks and quizzes. Finding answers on the internet for your mocks is super tempting and easy, but remember to be true to yourself and keep track of your scores. There will be days when it will stagnate. And there may be mocks where you do incredibly well because you’re incredibly passionate about the topic at hand. It’s a journey and it is normal. 

So keep at it.

That’s it for our first article in this series. Stay tuned for the next part.

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