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CLAT 2022 Postponed to June 19 – Important Do’s and Dont’s

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Good news rolls in for CLAT aspirants this year with the Consortium’s latest announcement on CLAT being postponed to the 19th of June. Here are some important Do’s and Don’ts for the next few days:


1. Prioritise:

It is essential that you make a solid priority list with your CLAT and Boards. Ask yourself where you stand with regards to your score on both of them and accordingly build a timetable. As much as you believe this allows you ample time to prepare for your boards, use it to fuel your CLAT prep as well.

Add in a sectional test to your daily routine, continue revising your GK. Don’t sideline your CLAT preparation just because you’ve received some extra time.

2. Plan:

For a lot of aspirants, this extension is a make or break on their ultimate CLAT results. While a lot of aspirants make the mistake of relaxing and losing their momentum in this period, a lot of students effectively use the advantage to get back on track.

Choose which of the two you would like to be. Create a schedule. Work strategically by focusing on your weaknesses. Remember that those who are serious about the exam are using these next few days to significantly improve their score.

3. Take a breather:

For a lot of students, the last few months preceding CLAT are immensely stressful and filled with angst. You must by all means take a breather and cut yourself some slack over the next few days.

It’s okay to take a day off, enjoy a movie or hang out with your friends. Unless you prioritise your mental health, you will not see the results you desire.

4. Practice, Practice and more Practice:

The next 3 months are the ‘Golden period’ in terms of mocks. You’ve already covered a significant portion of the GK that will reflect in your paper, you’ve successfully understood the core concepts of law and you’ve attempted some mocks to get a hang of the paper.

Stay consistent with your mocks and practice questions. Analyse your score and your weak areas. Do as many practice questions as you can and it will undoubtedly get you to the university of your dreams


1. Get carried away:

This is the perfect time to think ’An extra month is a lot of time, I deserve a break’, which you do. But don’t get carried away by people around you who believe it’s a month to chill or to focus only on your Boards.

Remember your goals and targets and work towards them. Don’t waste the extra time that has been given to you.

2. Push yourself too hard:

It’s good to push your boundaries and to challenge yourself. But don’t allow the pressure to get to you and completely cut yourself off the real world.

Not getting into an NLU is certainly not the end of the world. Continue to work on your hobbies and meet friends. This is also your last year of high school! Cherish it.

All the best for your preparation! With CLAT 2022 postponed, use this time to the fullest. 

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