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CLAT 2022 PG Topper Samriddhi Mishra Interview: How to Prepare for CLAT Exam?

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Preparing for CLAT and looking for inspiration on how to prepare for CLAT exam? What better than reading directly what a CLAT topper has to recommend.

In this article, CLATalogue talks to CLAT 2022 PG topper, Samriddhi Mishra on her experience and preparation for the CLAT exam. Read on:

  • Hi Samriddhi! Congratulations on acing CLAT PG 2022. Could you please give a brief introduction about yourself and your educational background?

Thanks! I am from Lucknow. My father relocated here from Basti for his studies and settled
here. He is a lawyer. My mother is a teacher and social worker. I have an elder brother
who is a software engineer.

I did my schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Aliganj and thereafter, went for Integrated LL.B. course from Faculty of law, University of Lucknow. I have also done LL.M. in Constitutional and Administrative Law from Banaras Hindu University. I took this exam for placement in public sector undertakings

  • What inspired you to take up law as a field of study?

My father is a first generation lawyer. He practices at the Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court. He is the first person through whom I got introduced to the profession.

During School, being a PCM student, I developed an interest in Political Science, especially in topics like Fundamental Rights, government system, etc. I used to participate in co-curricular activities like debates, youth Parliaments, etc. So, for me, law meant a medium which allows you to voice your opinion at a platform which can actually bring a change for good.

I also took the IIT JEE exam, but I knew that I want to pursue law only. I would say the school prepared me for this field.

  • How did you prepare for CLAT PG exam?

I was preparing for multiple law related government exams. So, the result is a cumulative effect of them. I had taken this exam in 2021 as well. I went through the last 2 previous
year papers and understood the pattern and standard of questions.

I used my notes prepared at University intensively. I am thankful to my teachers who
developed a conceptual clarity from the beginning.

What I did specially for CLAT is giving special attention to Judgments. So far as landmark judgments are concerned, I never ventured out of my notes and books. I gave special attention to Constitutional Law in this respect. There are some topics like reservation, amendment, Interplay between FRs and DPSPs, Doctrine of repugnancy, minority rights etc. which have evolved through a series of precedents. I studied them thoroughly.

For the recent judgments, I used some YouTube channel to identify the cases I had to read in 2020-2022. I read only those cases which related to subjects in the syllabus of CLAT PG. I confined myself to those cases in which constitutional bench sat, constitutional validity of any enactment was challenged, some new jurisprudence evolved, the cases which became national debate or on which columns were written, etc.

  • You mentioned that you’ve appeared for the CLAT PG exam twice. In 2021, you scored AIR 138 and now AIR 1. You’re the CLAT 2022 PG topper. Was there any difference in strategy when you gave CLAT last year and this year?

There was not much difference. But, few things worked out better this time. I managed my time better in the examination hall. I was mentally better prepared. I started my preparation a bit early. I got a better understanding of the pattern over time.

I had completed LL.M. this time, so I had more time in the day for self-study. Based upon
the paper of 2020, I had an expectation that studying judgments only would be adequate for the exam, but after the paper of 2021, I revised the subjects’ notes as well.

Also, I would say that the preparation of last year did not go into vain, but it gave results this year.

  • Did you refer to any particular sources while preparing for the exam?

Yes, I would categorise them as below:

  1. the Bare Acts and class notes for the theory of subjects,
  2. Livelaw Youtube channel for identifying the recent cases and
  3. SCC Online for reading them in detail.

I want to add that I did not buy the subscription of SCC Online, but BHU, where I completed my PG in 2021 provided this to all students. One can read the judgments from the free sources available as well.

  • Did you take any coaching? What was your daily routine like while preparing for the exam?

In Lucknow University, there is a bent for judicial services among students. So, I had also joined a coaching named Prabuddha PCSJ near my place in the fourth year of LL.B. The coaching is bit different to others in a way that the mentor there T.R. Singh sir teaches from very basics and like a University Classroom, I left it in the middle after completing LL.B.

But, I cannot deny the contribution of it in the results.

For CLAT PG, I did not take any coaching. In my opinion, it is not required as well. One can easily crack it by self-study.

So far as daily routine is concerned, I am not a night owl. I can’t remain awake after 11 p.m. So, I used my morning hours and the day time. Since, I was preparing for multiple exams, I only freezed 2 hours for CLAT for 3 Months and from June 1 onwards, I gave my entire study time to CLAT.

  • Were you pursuing anything else alongside while preparing for the exam?

No, I was not doing anything else during this period.

  • Any tips for CLAT aspirants?

I would say, understanding the new pattern is very important. So, please go through the three previous papers you have. Do not try to begin from the beginning. Build on your college foundations. And confine your resources. Learn reading judgments on your own.

  • Lastly, what are your future goals?

I had taken this exam for PSU placements. So, I would be sitting for interviews. I am
also preparing for judicial services at the same time.

That’s all (for now), folks! Did you find this interview of the CLAT 2022 PG topper insightful?

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