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CLAT 2022 Cut Off and NLU Rankings: The Only List You Will Need 

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CLAT 2022 Cut Off- if you have clicked on this article, it probably means one of two things.

One, you are preparing for CLAT and wondering how much you should score to get into a particular NLU.

Or two, CLAT results have been announced and you’re sitting in front of your screen wide eyed, hopeful that by some miracle you will make it into the National Law University of your dreams.

I thus believe that it’s important that I begin this article by saying that even if you don’t ace the CLAT 2022 cut off, hope isn’t lost. Although the list below is a comprehensive analysis of data over the last few years, CLAT has a pattern of unpredictability, and it is possible that things may not go to plan. 

Analyzing the CLAT 2022 Cut Off Data:

1. National Law School India University:

  • NLSIU has 98 seats as an intake into their integrated program. Ranks 1 through 80, made it in the general category, with a few exceptions who got in with the Karnataka domicile reservation.
  • Ranks 84 to 237 got in with the Karnataka reservation.
  • Ranks 486 to 10,430 got in under the SC, ST reservation.
  • The cut off for NLS was roughly 105+ last year for the general category. 

2. NALSAR Hyderabad: 

  • Ranks 65 to 163 made it to NALSAR through the general category, with a few students also being from the women’s horizontal reservation.
  • Ranks between 212 till 491, got in with the Telangana reservation.
  • Ranks 2147 till 10732 made it through the SC, ST, OBC-TL, PWD reservation.
  • NALSAR also has an NRI quota for the students born abroad who get admission based on their 12th board marks, and are required to pay a significantly higher fee.
  • The cut off was roughly 99.5+ to crack NALSAR in the general category.

3. NUJS Kolkata:

  • NUJS had an intake of 51 students last year, excluding the 22 students who may avail the West Bengal reservation.
  • Last year ranks 24 till 216 made it through in the general category.
  • Ranks 215 till 811 made it using the general- West Bengal domicile quota while ranks 2546 through 16040 got in through various reservations including SC, ST, SC-WB. PwD, OBC-WB.
  • The average cut off without reservations was 97.5+.

4. NLU Jodhpur: 

  • Ranks 165-317 made it to Jodhpur through the general category. NLUJ does not have a domicile reservation.
  • Candidates ranked 1935 till 10,089 made it through the quota reserved for SC, ST and PwD candidates.
  • The cut off score was 94.5+ to make it in the general category. 

5. NLU Bhopal: 

  • Ranks 176 till 567 got into Bhopal through the general category. With a few exceptions availing the MP domicile (horizontal), women’s (horizontal) and EWS reservations (vertical). 
  • Ranks 602 till 871 made it through the EWS quota, while ranks 3344 till 22023 made it through various vertical reservations in the likes of SC, ST, OBC quotas.
  • The cut off for the general category was 89.25+.

6. GNLU Gandhinagar:

  • GNLU takes in students through CLAT, an NRI quota as well as a sports quota.
  • The closing rank for the general category stood at 363 including a few with the women’s horizontal quota.
  • Ranks till 2690 made it through the EWS and OBC criteria, while ranks 2841 till 13,565 got in through SC, ST reservation. GNLU also has a Gujarat Domicile horizontal reservation and a PwD quota.
  • The cut off for the general category stood at 93.25+.

7. HNLU Raipur

  • Ranks 363-669 got in through the general category.
  • Whereas ranks 796 to 3539 got in through the CHT reservation.
  • Ranks 4652 till 46659 got in through the SC, ST, OBC reservations applicable.
  • The general category cut off score was 87.25+. 

Following are the reservations applicable to get into HNLU General: 


  1. General, SC : Scheduled Caste, 
  2. ST : Scheduled Tribe, 
  3. GC-CHT : General Category of Chhattisgarh, 
  4. SC-CHT : Scheduled Caste of Chhattisgarh, ST-CHT : Scheduled Tribe of Chhattisgarh, 
  5. OBC-CHT : Other Backward Class of Chhattisgarh, 
  6. PWD : Person With Disability


  1. W : Women, 
  2. W-CHT : Women of Chattisgarh, 
  3. DFF-CHT : Dependents of Freedom Fighters of Chhattisgarh, 
  4. PWD-CHT : Person With Disability of Chhattisgarh

8. RMNLU Lucknow: 

  • RMNLU also has an NRI and NRI sponsored criterion for students hoping to make it to the college.
  • Ranks 255 till 600 got in through the general category.
  • Ranks 681 to 2920 got in through reservations for OBC-UP and EWS.
  • Ranks 3679 till 17831 through the SC-UP, and ST-UP reservation categories.
  • The general category cut off for RMNLU was 88.75.

The following are the reservations applicable:


  1. General : General 
  2. SC-UP : Scheduled Caste of Uttar Pradesh
  3. ST-UP : Scheduled Tribe of Uttar Pradesh
  4. OBC-UP : Other Backward Class of Uttar Pradesh


  1. W : Women
  2. PWD : Person With Disability
  3. DFF-UP : Dependents of Freedom Fighters of Uttar Pradesh
  4. CDP-UP : Sons/Daughters of Defence Personnel deployed in UP or Defence Personnel of UP either retired or kill

Below you will find the data for closing ranks across these 7 universities from 2018 till 2020. Although we have tried to be as thorough as possible throughout this article, we request you to go through university websites personally and check the requisite details.:

CLAT 2022 Cut off Analysis

CLAT 2020:

National Law Universities (NLUs) GeneralSC  STDom  General Pwd General W
Closing RankClosing RankClosing RankClosing RankClosing RankClosing Rank
NLIU Bhopal427421322199 (Dom)53211748 (Dom)429
WBNUJS Kolkata226306469688426470NA
NLU Jodhpur32343569061 10945NA
HNLU Raipur772789311927253320100746
GNLU Gandhinagar4706607112262993127263238(Dom)
RMLNLU Lucknow70110070 (Dom)20025 (Dom) 1175 (CDP)17011705
National Law Universities (NLUs) GeneralSC ST Dom  General PwD General W
Closing RankClosing RankClosing RankClosing RankClosing RankClosing Rank
NLSIU5418921857 2733 
NLIU Bhopal326462866103807751327
WBNUJS Kolkata203399455313566284 
NLU Jodhpur29449306849 6538 
HNLU Raipur549655410184279214500546
GNLU Gandhinagar41767919640200114307416
RMLNLU Lucknow61710864 (Dom)24763 (Dom)1340 (CDP)15024614
National Law Universities (NLUs)General SC  STDom  General PwD General W
Closing RankClosing RankClosing RankClosing RankClosing RankClosing Rank
NLSIU66562562 77 
NLIU Bhopal3864326779141910491390
WBNUJS Kolkata21712466169284  
NLU Jodhpur12943864692 7084 
HNLU Raipur6573915103863081 21653
GNLU Gandhinagar49479189298 827613464
RMLNLU Lucknow6384720 (Dom)19064 (Dom)773 (CDP) 15599


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