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CLAT 2021 in Numbers: PG Analysis

CLAT 2021 PG Analysis in Numbers

In 2008, the first CLAT exam was conducted by NLSIU with a total of 7 national law universities participating. Fast forward to 2021, 22 NLUs offer admission to their various law programs through this exam. With so many interesting facts and figures around the exam, we decided to do some data crunching of our own. Based on the consolidated merit list released by the Consortium of National Law Universities, here are some numbers.

Compared to the 6,217 candidates who appeared last year, 2021 had a total of 8,574 students appear for the CLAT PG exam.

The highest marks scored this year was 85.75, much higher than the 72 scored by ranks 1 and 2 last year. 

The top 10% candidates scored 57 marks or more in this year’s exam. This implies that an individual who got almost half of the paper (47.5% to be exact) correct, would fall into the top 10 percentile of the total candidates. 

The average score for the year is 34.75. 4,063 candidates (47.38% of the total candidates) scored above the average mark. This number is much better than the analytics for the UG exam wherein the majority of the candidates scored below average. 

clat in numbers pg analysis

20 candidates scored in the negative, with the lowest score being -5, while 7 candidates scored an exact zero. These numbers are much lower than last year’s wherein 43 candidates scored negative marks with the lowest score of -6.25 and 12 candidates who scored a zero. 

Here are the PG insights at a glance:

  • Number of candidates scoring above 100 or above is zero. 
  • Number of candidates scoring 50% (60 marks) or more is 631 or 7.3% of the total candidates. 
  • Number of candidates scoring between the average (34.75 marks) and the 50% mark (60 marks) is 3,480, which is 40.58% of the total candidates.
  • Number of candidates who scored between below average and zero stood at 4,436 which is 51.73% of the total candidates. 
  • Number of candidates scoring zero is 7 (0.08% of the total candidates).
  • Number of candidates scoring in the negative is 20 (0.23% of the total candidates).

This certainly points towards a comparatively easier PG exam in 2021 than in 2020. 

Interesting numbers, right? Have you got any insights to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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