CLAT Consortium Ex-President and NALSAR VC, Prof. Faizan Mustafa spoke about the new exam pattern of CLAT 2020. He explained the changes and the results they hope for in his youtube video.

Take a look at this video, CLAT 2020 Explained by Prof. Faizan Mustafa

Students stressed and it saddens me

He said that after the press release, students have been contacting me and saying that they have been stressed by the decision. Prof. Mustafa said it saddens him and shared a story when he headed a committee which gave recommendations on measures to curb student suicides.

CLAT is easier than before

In his video, he explained that the changes that have been proposed make CLAT easier than ever before and that all the problems of the aspirants have been solved. There is absolutely no reason to worry.

Preparation won’t go to waste

Acting on the messages of students which claimed that their preparation has gone to waste now that the syllabus has completely changed, he explained that the preparation will not go to waste.

“No knowledge ever goes to waste”, he said in the video. The preparation will help you in the exam as well as in law school and beyond.

Decision not delayed

Many students and faculty have said that the decision has been delayed and that it should have been released sometime in June. In this regard, Prof. said that the committee starts acting on the next year’s CLAT in October and that it is a democratic process which takes time.

Some changes could not make it

There were other changes proposed such as conducting the exam in Hindi to expand the access for more and more aspirants. These changes could not find the required consensus in the committee and therefore were not a part of the press release.

Coaching centres and hefty fees

As a concern for those coming from weaker sections of the society, Prof. Mustafa said that the coaching centres charge a huge sum of money from the students. This is not affordable for many students.

The new syllabus allows the students to prepare on their own and attempt the examination without taking coaching.

Prof. said that if the students develop a habit to study and then understand, CLAT 2020 will be a cakewalk.

No memory based questions

Lawyers do not need an extraordinary memory since they do not speak with memory in court but refer to legal text.

The students need to focus on understanding and not on mugging knowledge.

Changes in Subjects

  • Maths is now Quantitative Aptitude, the students can expect questions based on graphs, pie charts and tables.
  • Logical Reasoning has not been changed and it is still the same logical reasoning.
  • Legal Aptitude used to have a legal principle and problem, it has now become deductive/inferential reasoning. The students will not be asked maxims or case laws.
  • English has not gone many changes but all the questions will be based on comprehensions minus the vague questions from synonyms, antonyms and idioms without context.


PG aspirants have studied law for five/three years and therefore their test will be majorly based on knowledge of the law.

However, the method of questioning in PG will also be changed to comprehension based.

What do we know so far

  • Exam date: May 10
  • Exam duration: 2 hours
  • Exam questions: 120-150
  • Model Papers will follow soon.

Advice from Prof. Faizan Mustafa

  • Read good books
  • Read newspapers, especially the editorial section
  • Focus on recent legal issues
  • Be stress-free
  • We want the country to grow and Dr Manmohan Singh said that the NLUs were islands of excellence, we would like to build on that.
  • Law needs wisdom and not extraordinary memory.

Be tension free and CALM DOWN.

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This video was taken from the youtube channel of Prof. Faizan Mustafa. Visit the channel here.
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