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Advice for CLAT 2022 Based on CLAT 2021 Learnings

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CLAT 2021, held on the 23rd of July, 2021 was a roller coaster of a paper. A contentious answer key, jumbled up option choices, problems with the filling up of OMR sheets and having to pay Rs. 1000 for objections, certainly made this paper a widely debated affair.

Through this article, we take a look at things we may have learnt from our previous batches to make sure you absolutely ace CLAT 2022! Our top advice for CLAT 2022: 

1. Could we have predicted not having time to fill in the OMR sheet in CLAT?

Yes! The evening before the 23rd, Faizan Mustafa, the then President of the Consortium had put out a video titled ‘CLAT 2021 tips by Faizan Mustafa’, which in fact did mention (along with several other important information) that CLAT 2021 would not have the 10 minutes previously given to fill in the OMR sheet.

It is true, that learning this information one day prior to the exam may not have helped you doing the paper any faster, but you certainly could have been mentally prepared. Being calm on the day of the paper, and having a steady mindset is quintessential.

Make sure to watch videos from trustworthy sources, especially the ones straight from the Consortium. ‘Trustworthy’ being the keyword. This will certainly help avoid the anxiousness on the day of the exam.

2. Study Buddies work!

Look up topper interviews on YouTube and you will truly be surprised at how many of them were study buddies. With the Pandemic, it has become so much easier to find a study buddy across the country (it is certainly important that you stay safe in this process).

But CLAT 2021 was proof that finding a compatible study buddy has immense benefits. With a preparation intensive examination like CLAT, it is certainly possible to lose motivation, to be overwhelmed by the pile of information you are surrounded by and to lose your way in between.

Divide GK topics, teach other concepts you’re struggling with and solve questions together. The possibilities are truly endless. Make sure that you’re choosing someone who compliments your strengths and weaknesses, and is equally (if not more) motivated than you.

3. The paper will be unpredictable and throw you off.

CLAT has a history of unpredictability. With 2021, the GK questions threw several aspirants off. The paper was considered to be exceptionally lengthy and it was believed that the passages exceeded the prescribed limit according to the Consortium website.

What set a lot of students apart from the others, was their level headedness. This line is all over the internet, but you will probably never hear it enough: “If it’s tough for you on the day of the exam, is tough for every single aspirant writing it”, don’t get bogged down by the change in pattern or the length of the paper.

Take a deep breath, stick to your strategy and trust that your hard work will pay off.

All the best for CLAT 2022 and 2023. We’re rooting for you!

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