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10 Last Minute Tips for CLAT 2021 | Video

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This is an updated article, first published in 2020.

Hello, CLAT aspirants! It’s less than a day to go for the exam you’ve eagerly been waiting for. Your nerves might be heightened and you might be overwhelmed with all that there is assimilate in these 24 hours. Here are some tips which might help you for CLAT 2021.

1.Take a Step Back

While you might want to re-read your entire preparatory material in one night, understand that it often works against you. Revise key concepts, brush up on any theoretical knowledge. But keep one thing in mind, overdoing anything would lead to confusion.

If you want, you can go through mock test/previous years questions and their answers, but don’t attempt the questions today. Just read the questions and their answers.

2. Approach Things Your Way

There is no one proven shot to succeed at this exam. Time allotment, sequence of attempting questions – it all depends on what you feel comfortable with. So don’t change things last minute. Know that what you have will work for you.

3. Focus on Your Strengths First

Attempt the section which is your strength or the one you feel most comfortable with. Some people go chronologically, some attempt GK first – since it is the most straightforward, some want to get done with the toughest first.

4. Attempt Things You Know First

Since CLAT is a time-bound exam, the one thing which is a make or break factor is your time management. Don’t waste time on any question. First attempt the ones you are very sure about. Then during the second round focus on the ones which make you ponder a little. Remember that the questions you knew but couldn’t attempt hurt more than the joy of solving one tough question.

5. Fill OMR Bubbles Properly

Carry pencils, erasers, blue and black ballpoint pen. Remember to fill the bubbles properly, otherwise, the computer won’t detect your answers. Also, ensure that you are filing the bubble for the right answer.

6. Keep a Wrist Watch

The CLAT examination hall will have a big wall clock. But you don’t have to crane your neck and look at it all the time. You don’t have to keep a tab on how many minutes its fast or late. Get a wristwatch. Remember you can only carry an analogue watch. No smartwatches/digital watches.

7. Eat Something Before the Exam and Carry A Water Bottle

Eat something which will keep you full and also not make you lazy/drowsy. The exam is from 2-4 PM, which is right after lunch.

Also, keep a water bottle handy and keep drinking water.

8. Remember Deep Breaths
Close your eyes. Breathe in (deep and slow). Stop. Breathe out (deep and slow). It relaxes you well. Relaxing is important in the CLAT exam. Even during the exam, remember to breathe deeply at certain intervals to calm yourself.

9. Make Yourself Comfortable

Giving an offline exam during a global pandemic might worry people. Ensure that you do everything in your control to make yourself comfortable. Wear a mask which you feel comfortable in. If you want to carry sanitisers, face shield for yourself, do that.

Remember that having an RT-PCR Test of being vaccinated is not compulsory for CLAT 2021. Though you cannot be COVID positive and come for the exam.

10. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Probably the most important bit of prep. You have to be well-rested to make use of the information you already know. Instead of cramming more things, let your prep assimilate. Sleeping is the best way to do that.

We at CLATalogue, did an Instagram Live with CLATapult to discuss what are some things you should focus on. You can watch the video below:

Read more advice for CLAT 2021 from CLATalogue here.

CLATapult is a leading CLAT coaching centre where people who have aced the exam train you. Check out their website here.



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